Stabilized Lichens - What They Are and How to Care for Them

Stabilized Lichens - What They Are and How to Care for Them

In recent times, decorations based on stabilized lichens have gained great popularity among handmade and design products that involve the use of plants as the main material. When it comes to decor items made from stabilized lichens, they have numerous advantages that differentiate them from ordinary decor objects. Decorative items made from stabilized lichens can be placed in almost any room in your home and require very easy and effortless maintenance. Furthermore, stabilized lichens offer more possibilities for creating decorative objects compared to other traditional plants and can be acquired at very affordable prices.

What are stabilized lichens?

Cladina arbuscula is a species of lichens that grows in the northern regions of the planet and, due to its appearance, is often confused with the moss found in our areas. This species of lichens comes in shades of light gray or brown, having a fluffy and branched structure. Stabilized decorative lichens belong to the same species, with the only difference being the stabilization process they undergo, as the name suggests. This process involves several stages of preservation using water-based solutions, food colorants, and glycerin, which are non-toxic and halt the growth of lichens, making them suitable for various purposes.

The diverse colors of these stabilized lichens facilitate their wide range of uses and creative applications. Thanks to the colorants applied to the lichens, they come in over 20 shades, ranging from arctic blue to very light green or vibrant red. Due to their versatility, lichens can be used to create decorative objects by adhering them to various support materials. In terms of longevity, stabilized lichens typically last an average of 10-15 years without any issues or unfavorable changes. Optimal conditions for their longevity include maintaining a humidity level of at least 40%, keeping them away from heat sources, and avoiding direct exposure to sunlight.

Maintenance and benefits of decorative stabilized lichens

Unlike caring for regular plants, which can be more demanding in terms of maintenance conditions, stabilized lichens are much simpler to care for. They don't require water, soil, or light, and they don't need to be placed in pots. They only need to be kept at room temperature under the aforementioned conditions.

On the other hand, purchasing decorative products made from stabilized lichens brings a multitude of benefits. They can indicate the humidity level in the atmosphere, reduce mold and excess moisture, and have the potential to purify and clean the air. Additionally, due to their texture and volume, stabilized lichens can help reduce noise. Their vibrant colors provide positive energy and a pleasant atmosphere to the room while also maintaining freshness and preventing dust from settling on their surface. Lastly, lichens are non-fungal and hypoallergenic, meaning they have no adverse effects on the body.

Now you have all the reasons to acquire handmade decorative products made from stabilized lichens. Decor Creativ offers a variety of models of pots or paintings with stabilized lichens for customers to choose from. Visit our page now and select unique decor options. If you're not interested in decorative objects, you can purchase these handmade products based on stabilized lichens as a unique gift for someone close to you. The originality, unique craftsmanship, and quality materials used differentiate these products from conventionally made items. Rest assured, choosing these products as a gift will be a sure success.

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